enaio® redline is our technologically excellent ECM EIM framework for solution developers who wish to create specialist applications based on open standards with a short time to market.

Welcome to the future of information management


If your focus isn’t on out-of-the-box solutions, but rather on scalability, adaptability, and location-independent exchanging of information with minimum search effort, you’re in the right place.


With enaio® redline, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has developed a technological framework for the creation and implementation of information management solutions.


enaio® redline: your imagination is the limit.

That’s enaio® redline.


Develop uniquely adapted solutions. Create your individual overview.


Work efficiently – anytime, anywhere!


Rely on linear scalability, even during live operation. Provide solutions independently of location.


Be flexible – even for high volumes of work!


Rely on state-of-the-art standards: HTML5, Angular, REST, Elasticsearch, Spring Cloud Netflix


Our technology – your ideas!

What are the advantages of enaio® redline?

With its deliberate framework design, enaio® redline includes all the essential basic functions of an ECM/EIM as standard. This provides you with a foundation on which customized solutions can be developed and run with a minimum of effort, depending on the requirements of your customer or company. enaio® redline is based on state-of-the art technologies and is as flexible as you are yourself.


The model-based development tools enable solution developers to create unique and specialized information management applications. Thanks to the state-of-the-art microservices stack and responsive web client, HR and contract records – elementary components of the ECM/EIM world – can also be scaled in large and widely distributed corporate networks within a very short time.

With scripting, plugins, and project-specific views (custom states), enaio® redline offers endless opportunities for customizing a specialized application on the client side. On the server side, you can expand the business logic by adding your own microservices, if required. Reliable standard technologies, easy operation, and a web client that can be rolled out securely provide DevOps and the operator with the optimum conditions for adapting the solution to their requirements.


End users benefit from a modern, transparent, and fast specialized application that focuses on the key features and allows for equally convenient working on both desktops and mobile devices.  

Find out more about customizing, usability, and operations:

Flexible. High performance.

That’s enaio® redline.

enaio® redline has been developed in accordance with the API first paradigm and offers a content services architecture.  This is why enaio® redline only has a single responsive and device-independent HTML5 web client, which engages in stateless interaction with the microservices.

  • enaio® redline 3.1 system structure

Sound. Powerful.

That’s enaio® redline.

enaio® redline is based on standardized, manufacturer-independent technologies and has extensive design and editor tools that allow the solution developer a large number of optional adjustments. This guarantees maximum flexibility.

Modern standards

Sound. Flexible. Innovative.

  • Spring Cloud Netflix microservices technology
  • HTML5, Angular, Elasticsearch
  • Native REST API




Strong content services

Transparent. Automatic.

  • Essential document management functions
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Rendition management
  • Collaboration Management
  • Records Management

Simple customizing

Simple. Individual. Intuitive.

  • Multilingual (toggle language settings with only one click)
  • Editor and design tools, including graphic modeling
  • Expand existing pages and add new ones (plug-in states, REST API)
  • Adding of project specific business logic as a microservice

Universal web client

Stateless. Responsive. Fast.

  • Responsive HTML5/Angular web client for fast rollout
  • Seamless connection to operating systems and native programs
  • Encrypted communication via REST API



High potential for integration

Safe. Efficient. Expandable.

  • Integrates with SAP, Microsoft Office, and Exchange Server
  • Expandable via client plug-ins
  • ETL tool

Powerful search

Unique. Strong. Accurate.

  • Central platform for all search inquiries in the system
  • Elasticsearch full text search engine combines content- and metadata search
  • Linguistic search with Intrafind
  • enaio® redline Detailed Search by Object Type

    enaio® redline Detailed Search by Object Type

    Result count is being displayed while typing
  • enaio® redline Example Inbox with Invoice

    enaio® redline Example Inbox with Invoice

    Documents and metadata can be easily integrated into the system via the inbox.
  • enaio® redline Custom State Holiday Planer

    enaio® redline Custom State Holiday Planer

    The holiday planer can be customized for your employees needs.
  • enaio® redline Custom State E-Mail Client Layout

    enaio® redline Custom State E-Mail Client Layout

    enaio® provides a detailed E-Mail lookup for your Compliance Archive

Clever searching. Efficient finding.

That’s enaio® redline.

enaio® redline saves users from tedious searching and sorting in millions of documents, emails, and index data. The integrated search engine is based on Elasticsearch, combining metadata and full text search with appropriate dynamic filters.

This helps users find exactly what they need – in milliseconds.

Future-proof and individual.

That’s enaio® redline.

The framework enaio® redline offers the environment for the development of specialized solutions for the management of information. enaio® redline can be expanded flexibly and adapted to individual requirements. Thus, add-ins and plug-ins can be easily developed and modified. In addition, enaio® redline has standard connections for SAP, Microsoft Office, and Exchange, with further applications being easy to integrate.


That’s enaio® redline.

documents added

The publicly listed Simona AG is a supplier of sophisticated plastic semi-wholesale. The products are delivered to a wide variety of industries. Their main objective is to improve security in equipment and plant engineering.


Simona utilizes enaio® redline with SAP integration to create complex electronic workflows for all departments within the company and to manage critical company information securely.


  • 35,000 articles in the product line
  • 1,300 MA
  • Yearly production of > 100,000 tons


systems replaced

The Schuler Group is the worldwide largest manufacturer of presses and market leader for forming technology. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the German powerhouse trusts in technological innovation and sensible expansion.


For Schuler, enaio® redline replaced five outdated Document Management and Archiving Systems in less than six months. Documents are managed in four languages: German, English, Portugese and Chinese.

By using enaio® redline as the central Information Management Platform, Schuler unites the business knowledge of multiple sites. This ensures centralized access to all relevant business information from all over the world.


  • 1.2 billion EUR revenue
  • 4,340 employees
  • 11 connected sites


documents added every day

With enaio® redline, 40 million have already been digitized. Every day, roughly 10,000 documents need to be made available in the archive within a maximum of 15 minutes after receiving the document.


  • Up to 3,000 documents are imported every minute
  • 1,200 users
  • 73 airfreight connections per week


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